Filtering chats by chat name OR by members nickname

I need to filter chats inside SBUGroupChannelListViewController by chat name or by members nickname. I can set query to both fields nicknameContainsFilter and channelNameContainsFilter of variable of type GroupChannelListQueryParams and it uses this filters with AND operator. There is also method setSearchFilter but it doesn’t work. So my question is can I filter channel list by chat name or by members nickname.

[UIKit Version]
SendbirdUIKit 3.2.1

[Reproduction Steps]

  1. Override createViewModel method of SBUGroupChannelListViewController.
  2. Create GroupChannelListQueryParams variable, set nicknameContainsFilter, set channelNameContainsFilter.
  3. Create GroupChannelListQuery variable from parameters.
  4. Call super.
  5. Check the result that operator AND is used to all filters.


[Current impact]
It decreases UX of iOS application cause we limit users to filter chats either by chat name or by members nickname.

Sorry for the late response.
GroupChannelListQueryParams works as “AND” operator, and there’s no way to make it work as “OR” operator for now.
In addition, if using setSearchFilter, it also works as “AND” operator:
Search nickname with “???” and search channel name with “???“.

Kind regards,

Hello Brian,
Thank you for your reply. Are you going to add this functionality some time in future?

Sorry, AFAIK, there’s no specific plan for this functionality for now.