Add text in message cell without sending it

I wanted to implement a way that when a user presses a button this button will redirect the user to the group channel chat screen and a message should already be written in the text box but should be not sent.

A similar behaviour is used in WhatsApp when you’re trying to contact a business and is redirected to the business page’s WhatsApp with a placeholder message.

I’m trying to do the following:

userMessageCell?.message.message = "TEST"

but this does not work since this variable is get only.
Can I implement this using sendbird? Thank you for the help!

Hi @Vdias97,

To achieve the above use-case, what you can do with SendBird SDK is send the message but only show it for the user that joins the channel and not Business.

You will need to fetch group_channel:join webhooks each time a user joins a channel with a Business and then send a message as the Business to that new channel. When sending the message, set the mentioned_user_ids parameter with the user’s id, and set the custom_type parameter so that it can be used later in the front-end to hide these messages for Businesses.

Please let us know if you have any further questions.