Android 11 request write external permission present

Hello, we finally got to the Google dead line for new apps must target Android API 30. So, we targeted our project to such Sdk Version. I upgraded to the latest version of Android UIKit because it says in the changelog that since version 2.1.3 it supports Android 11.
However, when I use a device with android 11 it request external storage permission, and we can see the permission in the “App Info”.

I’m using version 'com.sendbird.sdk:uikit:2.1.6'

Here are some images of the app I’m building:

I did a test with the actual WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE permission in the manifest and it’s the same permission request dialog.

I don’t want to upload the app to the store because Google was very clear to say that if you upload an app with that permission and you don’t have a good reason, they will remove it, so I don’t want to take the risk.

Thanks in advance!

Hi, @RobertM
We’ve already removed write permission request above api 28.
As you see your All permissions screen, there is no write permission.
I think the request dialog is for read permission or camera permission.

If we don’t have read permission or camera permission, we cannot select files and take a image or video.

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Thank you @Doo_Rim, I will upload to store then. Have a great day!