Support Ticket: Issue with SendBird SDK and MANAGE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE Permission in Xamarin Project

Dear Support Team,

We are encountering an issue with the SendBird SDK version 3.0.30 in our Xamarin application. When attempting to upload the application to the Google Play Store, we are facing rejection due to the app’s use of the “MANAGE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE” permission, which violates the platform’s dangerous permissions policy.

Upon investigation, we have identified that the SendBird SDK relies on this permission for functionality related to sharing PDF files in the chat. Disabling this permission manually results in the Share PDF option within the chat no longer functioning.

As our target version is Android 13 and the minimum version is Android 6.0 (API version 26), we are seeking a workaround for this issue that allows us to comply with Google Play Store policies while still maintaining the essential functionality provided by the SendBird SDK.

We kindly request your assistance in providing guidance or a solution to address this issue promptly, ensuring that our application can be successfully uploaded to the Google Play Store without violating any policies.

Thank you for your attention to this matter.