Android chat-calls-integration

Hi, I’m pretty tight on time so i’m asking here.
Is there a sample app that integrates calls and chats for Android?
I haven’t seen one on github/sendbird for android, but i did saw one for iOS.
Also, i’ve seen this “sample app” referenced in the documentation:Calls integration to Chat | Calls Android SDK | Sendbird Docs


As far as I know there aren’t any official samples showcasing both Calls and Chat implemented in the same sample for Android.

Can I ask are you looking for more ideas as to how UX should look or implementation suggestions?

I’m more interested in implementation suggestions, the repository for iOS with chat and calls integrated was really helpful and since i’m tight on time i was wondering if there is such a resource for android also. So any sample classes will be of great help.

Unfortunately other than these two, we do not have an actual android sample showing chat with calls integrated.

Following what is mentioned here, I think following this approach is the easiest way to accomplish what you want. The brief tutorial shows you all the basics for how to implement calls. As far as coupling it with chat, it would be a matter of creating icons like you see in the image and having the method calls mentioned in the tutorial be called upon being clicked.

I’ve managed to integrate them. Thanks

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