Sendbird Call w/ HMS

Hello community,

I have been working on an Android app with Sendbird chat and call using HMS. (Huawei Mobile Service)
I am successful in receiving notification from chat, but not sure if call with HMS is currently functional.

Has anyone been successful in implementing Sendbird Call with HMS? Would be interested to know if there were any extra steps necessary to make it work if it does.


Hi @fujihui, thank you for your post. Unfortunately, Sendbird Calls doesn’t support HMS push notification yet. Let us discuss the roadmap of supporting HMS. cc @kckern

Nathan Park

Thank you for the response. How would you recommend implmenting sendbird call for android devices that cannot use Google FMS?

Is there any plans on supporting HMS for SendBird Call?
Also any solution on handling calls without the use of FCM? I’ve tried to get the call from call_id and start the CallActivity, but it returns null. Any help on this?

Hello fujihui,

Calls does plan to achieve parity with the Chat SDK in all relevant areas, so therefore we do plan on supporting HMS push notifications.

However, due to many competing priorities, I cannot give a fixed date, although we expect it will be within this calendar year.

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