App Rejection Due to Permission mOdule

  1. i am facing issue regarding your sdk react native permission module… while opening camera or gallery the modal open like this and ask user to go to setting directly
    Because of this my app got rejected in app store it should not ask directly to user’s settings
    I have already added the usage permission to my info.plist please give me a reference so i can resolved this issue!!

code for module is here

export const platformServices = {
  clipboard: createNativeClipboardService(Clipboard),
  notification: createNativeNotificationService({
    messagingModule: RNFBMessaging,
    permissionModule: Permissions,
  file: createNativeFileService({
    imagePickerModule: ImagePicker,
    documentPickerModule: DocumentPicker,
    permissionModule: Permissions,
    fsModule: FileAccess,
    mediaLibraryModule: CameraRoll,
  media: createNativeMediaService({
    VideoComponent: Video,
    thumbnailModule: CreateThumbnail,
    imageResizerModule: ImageResizer,

here is ss