Aria-lables, reaction urls , sendbird icon svgs, and announcements


HI, i would like to use uikit and have announcements in it, plus i want to modify the svg images for user icons to my personal ones and also find the links to use the reactions between my mobile that i built out using sdk and the dashboard using the uikit, and add aria-labels to the uikit components for our automation tests. Are any of these possible ?

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Hello @nuclear,

There is quite a lot to break down in this thread and I’m not entirely sure I understand 100% of it, but I’ll do my best.

Announcements can be used with the UIKit as they’re just channels with messages. You can use the Platform API or the Dashboard to schedule announcements.

You’re free to set the profile_url of the user to any image you wish. You’re not required to utilize the default images that are presented when the user has no profile_url.

I’m not quite sure what you mean by find the links between reactions on your mobile vs the Dashboard. Can you expand on this with more detail?

Adding aria-labels is possible in essence but you would need to customize the UIKit using the open-sourced version.

Hi ! thanks for the response,

  1. So I’m setting up the uikit like so
    const userAppInfo = useRecoilValue(userInfotAtom)

    return (
        <div className="app">

so i’m seeing it do a lot of things automagically, like sets up the whole chat, i was wondering from here, were there ways to set specifically the ability to add functionality such as announcements.
The reactions that uikit uses is set to a url , but in the mobile version that I made I’m using emojis that i personally made so when i add reactions on mobile , the dashboard shows question marks instead of the emojis I made in mobile, and its cause uikit uses image src urls to emoji images , so to be able to add those images to my mobile that’s using sdk i was wondering if i could just add those urls to my mobile version. The reason is, I built out my mobile app using capacitorjs so its all javascript/react code that capacitor bundles into ios and android. But I want to try and use the uikit for my dashboard that my users can interact with but was wondering if there was an easier way to set things such as profile_url or get emoji urls, or set a flag for announcements to work and pop up on a click? But it looks like the way forward is to just take uikit code , mannipulate it and then pass it into my code above ? Or is there a good link, i guess i couldve googled more into this. thanks for all the help.


I’m not entirely sure what you mean by add announcements into the UIKit. Announcements are a feature controlled by the Dashboard and the Platform API. Can you expand on exactly what you’re looking for?

In regards to emojis are you actually passing in the emojis as the value or are you adding emojis to our service that can then be accessed by the UIKit Add emojis | Chat Platform API | Sendbird Docs?

In terms of actually changing functionality of the UIKit, you’ll need to not use the App but rather utilize the individual components that the UIKit offers and then you’ll need to override anything that isn’t accessible to you that you want to change.

Profile_urls can be set in a variety of ways. For example, you can simply pass the url in as a prop for the SendbirdApp component like profileUrl={url}. (Ref). Alternatively you could use the Platform API to update the users with the correct url.

oh got it, actually that’s clarified a lot ! Thanks i see, and so just to be clear the announcements doesn’t have any kind of plug and play element like themes , but i’ll have to use the api to build it out for my users to use it, is that correct ? Like, i’m not giving users access to the sendbird dashboard, i want them to use my set up. thanks again !


Announcements is purely a platform for sending a message out to a large number of users without having to build your own backend service to achieve it. It’s also more performant that manually sending out messages one by one.

So if you’re trying to give users access to the announcement feature, you’ll want to build a wrapper function that points to your own backend service, which then calls the announcement API from your backend service. This way you’re not exposing your Sendbird API Token to the client application.