Audio Call is not working

I am able to do the video call from web-to-web and web-to-ios but when I am trying to do audio call it’s not working.

In web side from both side audio is not working and while in IOS, the IOS user is able to hear my voice but I am not able to hear their voice.

Below attaching snap of audio call params.

Hello @vikasmehay,
It would help if we could get more detail from iOS implementation. Is the microphone permission granted in the iOS application? Could you also provide the iOS code snippet where the call is being made?


Hello @mininny ,

Thanks for your reply.
But our major concern is from web side JS SDK, the above attach snapshot is of web side implementation while doing audio call.
When we are trying to do audio call on web (means two users are log in to our web portal from different machine), they are not able to do audio call.

Can you help us in that.

Hello @vikasmehay , I’m junyoung from Calls JavaScript SDK team.
I have a few requests to figure out the cause of the issue you reported.

We are providing the self-hosted public sample for our Calls product. the link is here. If you are using direct call in your product, please go to direct call page and try the audio call. Does it still have an issue? If it works well, maybe the implementation matters.

If it still has the issue, please let me know the device info and browser info you used in the test.

Thank you.

Hello @Junyoung_Lim ,

Thanks for your response.
From the link which you have shared I have checked it’s working properly.
Can you guide us regarding the audio setup and below attaching the warning which I am getting in chrome.

facing same issue, not able to hear from other end

I’m facing similar issue , Do we have any solution to fix this issue ?