Avoid tinting user placeholder images in SBUCoverImageView


We currently override SBUIconSet.iconUser with a custom UIImage and are using the setImage(withUsers:) API on SBUCoverImageView, which defaults to using SBUIconSet.iconUserif a user from the passed in array doesn't have aprofileImageURL`.

I’m currently seeing Sendbird UIKit apply a tintColor to our custom SBUIconSet.iconUser (which displays in black in the screenshot below).

Is there any way (in the current UIKit) to avoid applying a tint color to this placeholder image?

Ultimately, this may be a product request to update the Theme APIs and make tint colors optional.

[UIKit Version]

[Reproduction Steps]

// Override the iconUser with a custom image
SBUIconSet.iconUser = UIImage(named: "OurImageName")!

let groupChannel: GroupChannel = myGroupChannel

let coverImageView = SBUCoverImageView()
// Use the setImage(withUsers:) API and ensure none of the members have a profileImageUrl (i.e. the value is an empty string)
peopleIconView.setImage(withUsers: groupChannel.members)

Found a related question that has gone unanswered for a couple years: Unable to add image without tint into SBUMessageInputView