SBUCoverImageView is empty and doesn't show cover image in SBUChannelSettings ViewController

SBUCoverImageView doesn’t show channel cover image in SBUChannelSettingsViewController.
It seems that in the SBUCoverImageView’s method
public func setImage(with coverURL: String, makeCircle: Bool = true)
imageView is created with zero frame and that’s why it’s not visible most of the time. This issue is reproducible for me 70% of the time.
Attaching screenshot from XCode with an example of the issue.
Can you use autolayouts here as a solution?

SendbirdUIKit v. 2.2.5, iOS 15.3.1

Hi @sander_ios

UIImageView is not a nib file but a raw code method,
is the captured part actually a file in the UIKit?

I’m not very familiar with code. sorry.

Hi @Yongjun_Choi
Thanks for the response.

Yes, image view is created in code with the following code in SBUCoverImageView

        let imageView = UIImageView(
            frame: CGRect(x: 0, y: 0, width: self.frame.width, height: self.frame.height)

As you can see it uses self.frame for the image view size. And in case self.frame is zero, for example the method was called before the actual layout, imageView will have zero frame as well. That’s why I suggested using autolayouts here.

On the screenshot I just showed SBUChannelSettingsViewController after it was shown with Debug View Hierarchy XCode action. As you can see on my screenshot above UIImageView has zero frame and image isn’t visible.

Thank you for your detailed explanation.
Is it possible to reproduce with Sendbird sample?
It seems that the frame size is fixed even if there is no profile.