Call not working in killed state IOS

I’m encountering an issue in Sendbird React Native where I cannot answer calls on iOS when the app is in a killed state.

The SendbirdCalls.getDirectCall function works seamlessly in both the foreground and background. However, I’m facing difficulties when the app is in a killed state. Upon trying to use SendbirdCalls.getDirectCall

[Error: The operation couldn’t be completed. (sendbird_calls_react_native.RNCallsInternalError error 4.)]

Hello @Alok_Singh.
To receive calls correctly in the background, you need to receive the VoIP push and then pass it to CallKit. Could you please check if all the steps mentioned in the link below are implemented?

@Airen_Kang It is working fine in background but issue comes in killed state.
[Error: The operation couldn’t be completed. (sendbird_calls_react_native.RNCallsInternalError error 4.)]

It’s the same in the killed state as well.
Please check if the following steps are being executed in order.

didReceiveIncomingPushWithPayload is called after voip registration, so you should register voip on the JS side, after SendbirdCalls.initialize, SendbirdCallListener.onRinging and RNCallKeep.addListener

1. voip notification wake your app
2. [Native] App started >> DO NOT CALL [RNVoipPushNotificationManager voipRegistration] on launch in AppDelegate, it will trigger didReceiveIncomingPushWithPayload before sdk initializing
3. [JS] JS bridge created and your React-Native app is mounted
4. [JS] run SendbirdCalls.initialize() & authenticate
5. [JS] set SendbirdCalls.setListener({onRinging})
6. [JS] set RNCallKeep.addListener(...)
7. [JS] run RNVoipPushNotification.registerVoipToken() -> it will trigger step 8
8. [Native] didReceiveIncomingPushWithPayload called -> it will trigger step 9
9. [Native] [SBCSendBirdCall didReceiveIncomingPushWith] called >> it will trigger onRinging event
10. [Native] report to CallKit
11. [JS] onRinging listener called