[Sendbird Calls] Video freeze after call status is connected

The response from SendbirdCalls.getDirectCall() is fine, they’re working…
yet, when status === “connected”, both locals and remote video streams are simultaneously freeze even before the minimize animation finished…
Both streams works again after being triggered by hot reload.

[SDK Version]
@sendbird/calls-react-native”: “^1.1.0”,
“react-native”: “0.69.4”,

[Reproduction Steps]
Setup and installation was mostly referred to the react native sample app from github.
In contrast, i put two listeners… one to main component which expected to be directed to video call screen, another one for maintaining notification…
I used React.js sample app to test the call.

Every video call attempts shows the same result.

[Current impact]
This became a blocker for the video call development process.