Recording Voice

Hi there,
I’m building a healthcare app where we need to record voice as a compliance measure.

I thought this was possible with Sendbird, but I’ve been testing the platform and can’t how this can be done?

Hi @KyleB,

Nice to hear from you. I hope you are well. In your post you mention about the need to record voice. Please can you expand a little on the requirements? As I’m aware our Calls team are working towards providing a recording mechanism but it will be on the client side. Do you think that will work for your case?

Hey Jason, Thanks for getting back to me.

So in the Pharma space, we need to keep records of the interactions we have with patients, typically called “adverse event reporting” . It’s essentially a government mandated / compliance thing we need to do when talking with patients. To comply with this, we need to be able to record the phone calls we have, keep a log and submit them to regulators when an “adverse event” is mentioned on the call (i.e “I was taking your medication and then I broke our in a rash”)

We really like sendbird but if we can’t record voice (or create a sort of middleware that can record the audio) we have to find some sort of solution that can allow this.

Hope you can help!

Hello Kyle, on-device audio and video recording is set to be released mid-September, if you can wait that long. This will enable either party to save recordings on their respective devices. You would then need to set up some mechanism to send the file to the required destination after it has been saved.

Cloud recording is also in the works, but the timeline is a bit further out: sometime in 2021.

@KyleB To add to KC’s exciting news about on device recording.

I’d like to mention that it would be fairly straight forward to save the recording after it is finished to a Sendbird Channel as a file message. I’ve attached document on the saving part for you. Perhaps, you could work on that part until the Sendbird Calls recording feature is ready. :slight_smile:

[SendBird] Voice Notes - External (2).pdf (129.4 KB)

Thanks KC and Jason, great to hear this is in the works.

Another workaround I realized I could use is to just use a desktop audio/screencast recording software and use that as the audio record for now.