Calls on iOS not working

Hello, I have 2 apps with two different bundles, one for the user and one for admin,
I turned on the alerts and the VOIP calls from the sendbird dashboard.
When I try the make a call from the user to the admin app, the first time the call ended ounce I accept the call, and I received 2 push notifications on incoming calls and on a missed call. The second time it works just fine and the call is connected.

When I call a user from the admin app, the push notifications were received as expected but the phone didn’t ring at all. After 3,4 times trying the user app received the call.

Sometimes when I call from the user to the admin my device rings an incoming call and the callee was me, meaning that I was calling myself, after checking the app logs I found that the userID was sent correctly and belong to the admin.

When I call from the user app to another user (same app bundle), the call works as expected.

I have followed the sample app for the call implementation.
Kindly advice.

Hi @Hisham_Noureddine,

I’m going to close out this thread as its a duplicate of the thread you created already.