Not receiving voice calls

We are integrating voice calls in our app. Calls are not received when application is in background or terminated state. Calls are working fine when app is in foreground state.

Both the users are successfully registered. APNS certificates are uploaded to send bird and having enough credits in console. We are using SendBird calls pod(version 1.7.1)

Hi @Shanmukh_Donthi_Manohar_Gupta , thanks for reaching out to community.

Do you have remote push notifications or PushKit(CallKit) integrated to your project as well? You can refer to our quickstart application for reference. (GitHub - sendbird/quickstart-calls-directcall-ios: iOS sample for Direct Call of Sendbird Calls, guiding you to build a real-time voice and video calls quickly and easily.)

HI Mininny,
We have created .p8 file for push notification and uploaded in send bird dashboard. Also followed the steps mentioned in Sendbird document and cross verified in send bird sample application.