IOS not receiving calls


I have 2 apps, one for admins and one for users.
Both apps have valid APNs certificates on the dashboard under the same project.
The users are authenticated with success and I can see their data and their push token from the user section on the dashboard.
My problem is that one app is receiving calls for 2 seconds and then the call ended automatically and the other app not receiving calls at all.
The same code was implemented from the sample project to my apps.

kindly note that those certificates are valid, they are working on firebase, and push notifications are received from the firebase console.

Could I use some help with my case?

in addition, when I try to call from user app to user app, or from admin to admin it works as expected.
My problem is when I have multiple APN Bundles certificates, it didn’t work at all

Hi @Hisham_Noureddine , Thanks for the report.
I will look into it, see if I can reproduce it, and get back to you :slight_smile:

Hello, much appreciated.
After adding an alert certificates in the dashboard, the alert was received in the background but the call only appears when I ended the call.

any updates on this?

Hi @Hisham_Noureddine , I’ve been trying to reproduce this, but wasn’t able to. Making calls between different apps with different bundle Id works fine for me.

Can you tell me what type of push notification you are using?
Also, if you can attach a video of the error, it would be very helpful for figuring out the issue.

We are using firebase to send push notifications to wake up the app/device. Each app was installed on a physical device to avoid any issues caused by using the simulator.
When the user app is initiating a call the admin app I receiving a push notification that a user is trying to call us but the call kit is not being triggered. When the user app ends the call the callkit is showing for 2 seconds.
Another weird case is when the admin app has completely closed a notification saying that the call (placed by the user app) is rejected by another device. For some reason, the SendBird sdk are mixing between the user and the admin knowing that different bundle ids and physical devices are used.
Another scenario is as follows, the user app is initiating a call to the admin app but callkit on the user device was triggered and was showing that am calling myself.

@Hisham_Noureddine Are you using VoIP Push, or Remote Push?

Also, does the call work as expected between two user apps or two admin apps? With the situation you described, it seems like the handling of incoming calls may be incorrect.

I am using firebase FCM regular APNs on iOS, and I have uploaded certificates for Alerts and VOIP Calls to the Sendbird dashboard.
Yes It’s working fine between two user apps and two admin apps

First, you should use only one of either Alerts of VoIP calls certificate. Also, would you be able to show me the code snippet of where you handle the incoming push notifications?

I have removed the certificates for Alert, only the VoIP is active now on the two bundle IDs.
Here is what happens after tracing and fixing the errors.
user app called the admin app works fine, the admin app called the user app works fine.
After more than 20 incoming and outcoming calls between the two apps, I closed the apps and try to call the admin app from the recent calls from the user’s iPhone, it works fine. then I tried to call the user app from the admin iPhone, the phone doesn’t ring neither the callkit is triggered.
After checking the user’s phone call logs I found that I have 17 missed calls from the admin app, but the admin ID appears as a title, not the display name that was appearing before this scenario.

Authenticate user with sendbird and updating the display name parameters return success. The admin profile on the dashboard has a Nickname and it’s not empty. maybe it’s related to the problem that I’ve been facing.

After removing the 2 apps from the devices and reinstall them again, all works as expected.
Trying the scenario one more time, the problem appears again.

It seems like the logic of handling incoming calls when the user is not authenticated in the user app might be incorrectly implemented. You must be authenticating with Sendbird before performing any action.