We are not receiving calls after add APNs certificates

We are not receiving calls after adding APN certificates.

Hi guys.

We only received calls in the foreground, but now, after adding the APNs (development and production) certificates, we don’t receive any. Do I have to add the certificates for Chat too?

We are still using the iOS sample code, we have not changed anything except the bundle identifier and the APP_ID.


Hi @ocastro,

Just to confirm, you’ve updated the bundle ID and signing in Xcode and have added the corresponding VoIP certificates to the dashboard?

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Hi @Tyler,

Yes, we did it all.

  • We changed the bundle id for ours.
  • We did sign in to XCode.
  • We addded the APNs certificates.


Can you DM me your App_ID so I can check our push logs and see whats going on?

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Hi @Tyler.

Thanks for your help.

We were already able to resolve the issue. Indeed, the certificate that had been added was not the one that was needed. We already replaced it and everything is fine.


Hi @ocastro,

Happy to hear that!