Can I use my login data to chat?

I want to use Sendbird Chat for my web service.
Server has users’ information like id and password.
When user log in website, user use chat service by Sendbird Chat.
In this case, I read quick start docs in homepage’s, in that sample I should type nickname and user then I can join the chat room.
But, I want to use my user information and skip typing those.
I mean when I log in web server, then chat service log in, too.
I read docs and find user API. User API has only nickname, user name but no password.
I think if I log in web service, then send this information to user list and get user name.
Then, should I add password in user’s metadata and send this data in request for checking verification?
Or something I can use user’s database like Active Directory?(I heard Sendbird can’t use AD)

Hi there,

Please use an access token or session token and pass that in when you connect a user.

Oh… Thanks.
I didn’t see that.