Can Video Call be for any generic customer? without a login/setup needed?

I run a mobile tire business, and we need an emergency “Video Hotline” that a customer can video call to getTREAD on the website.

Main points:

  1. The CUSTOMER initiates the call by clicking a button on getTREAD website. (18 yr old Susan has a flat tire and Video Calls us for help because she doesn’t know anything about cars and cannot order online easily).
  2. customer is already panicked, and does NOT want to enter login details, email, name, login, etc.
  3. getTREAD wants to gain a sale from the customer by having ZERO barrier to enter into the Video Call

Can we have a “generic” account/login which ANY first time customer on the website can use. (meaning they have no previous getTREAD website login credentials either).

Once the customer calls us, we can do a video walk through on how best to help with the customer’s emergency tire needs


This is something you could achieve using Sendbird, however there are some concerns from an implementation standpoint. With zero information collected, there is no way for you to correlate incoming calls to users in the event the a call is prematurely disconnected.

Additionally, the initial act of calling will have some additional latency as you’ll have to create a user, sign them in and finally place the call once the user opts to call. This does also mean that there is no way to reuse userIds and you’ll have a growing list of one off users.

Ultimately, we believe its best if you spoke with someone from our sales team as they’ll be able to help better understand your use case and help guide you through what Sendbird has to offer.