Can you rename a ticket after it was created?

We create a ticket upon a user request and set a generic name. After we understand what the user needs we change the name to better reflect it.

Couldn’t find any function on JS SDK or Platform API that does this.


Specifies the title of a ticket, which will be the group channel name in Sendbird Chat platform as well. Maximum length is 100 characters.

The ticket name is the name of the underlying group channel. You can update the title by updating the group channel name. This requires the Chat SDK or the Chat Platform API.

Indeed, you can change the channel’s name. That worked, thanks.
However, the Ticket’s Subject keeps showing the old name.

  1. How can we change that one as well?
  2. Also, when listing the tickets, the channelName field contains the old (original) channel name (not the updated one).