Cannot update metadata

Since 3.0.108, I got error SendBirdException: Invalid parameter when try to update channel metadata via updateMetaData. Is there any update on this?

@Daniel_Jung that version is quite awhile ago. What is your input for updateMetaData?

Yes, it’s quite old version because I’m stuck with this issue. Here is the code snippet:

  setWriterOnline(channel: GroupChannel, isOnline: boolean): Promise<object> {
    return new Promise((resolve, reject) => {
      const metaDataMap = { is_writer_online: isOnline, is_writer_chatted: false };
      channel.updateMetaData(metaDataMap, (response, error) => (error ? reject(error) : resolve(response)));

As you see, I just passed an object, that’s all. And I got the following error:


which means “Invalid Parameter - The parameter of the method specifies an invalid value”. I’ve also checked with latest version(3.0.127) and it is still happening.

Did metaData keys create before?

Have you tried this before?