[Request] Ability to update User metadata inline

Currently you can initialize user metadata during creation by passing an object of key/values in the request body. However, if you want to update the metadata you have to hit a different endpoint.

I would like to request the ability to update a user including an object of metadata with a single request at the following endpoint.

PUT https://api-{application_id}.sendbird.com/v3/users/{user_id}   

Opposed to making 2 concurrent requests. In this case I would expect the to upsert, or fully replace existing values.

I believe channels operate in a similar fashion.


This is possible currently with one call using Sendbird’s bulk user creation api.

The bulk user creation API happens to have an upsert functionality. It also happens that the API updates exiting users.

In short if you pass in just one existing user with their new metadata and have upsert set to true it will update the exiting user including their metadata in one call. Please be careful though if you make a mistake with a user id you will get a whole new user. [SendBird] Bulk User Creation Api (2).pdf (79.7 KB)