Cannot upgrade group channel to supergroup channel

Cannot upgrade group channel to supergroup channel by using Javascript SDK


By using the REST API, we can update a group to a super group by using passing is_super to true (docs).
But when we use the Javascript SDK, the function updateChannel takes a param GroupChannelUpdateParams and this type doesn’t contain a property like isSuper, super or is_super.

How can I upgrade a group channel to a supergroup channel with the Javascript SDK ?

Thank you, have a nive day.

[SDK Version]
@sendbird/chat 4.2.1

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Hello @Alexis_Le_Boucher,

Taking a look at the code for all of our SDKs, it does not look like it’s intended for you to be able to upgrade super groups via the SDKs. It looks like it’s only intended for you to upgrade it via the Platform API. This would explain why it’s missing from the interfaces.