Introducing Supergroup Channel for Sendbird Chat

Today, we’re very excited to announce the launch of Supergroup Channel for Sendbird Chat. Supergroup is a new kind of group channel in Sendbird Chat - to power private group chat for upto 20,000 users in a single group.

Supergroups support standard group chat features such as sending and receiving messages between users, sharing media and file messages, online presence indicators, displaying the last message, message unread count for upto 100 unread messages, operators, showing the member list, channel mentions, and mention counts. Supergroups also supports channel management and moderation features that customers have come to rely on and love.

We know that Push notifications is a big part of your chat engagement strategy, so we’ve re-imagined this to work at Supergroups scale. For groups with sizes 100 members or less, Supergroups simply sends a push notification for every message sent. For groups with sizes greater than 100 members, customers can choose to send push notifications using two options - 1. Send a push notification in every 10 minutes window, 2. Choose a new kind of push notification - Smart Push. Smart Push sends a notification to the supergroup for every message sent by users that were active in the previous 60 seconds. With push notifications handled, Supergroups power large scale conversations without compromising engagement.

Supergroups is available in Sendbird Chat API and SDKs for iOS, Android and Javascript; and is also available in the Sendbird UIKit.

Learn more about Supergroup Channel on this blog, or start using it today by visiting the docs.