Can't edit multiline messages from dashboard

It’s possible to send multiline messages into a channel. However, when you want to edit a message from the dashboard, all the new lines are lost and there’s no way to enter a new line.

The full context I had to deal with was that a seller on my marketplace sent a nice message to a buyer, but also included a link to a competing marketplace, which is disallowed by our TOS. I wanted to quickly remove that link but keep the rest of the message. It was not practical to do from the dashboard without the ability to edit the message with new lines. It would feel a little crazy to build this out through the API just because new lines aren’t supported.

So this is a feature request to add this ability from the Sendbird dashboard :pray:t2:

Thank you,

  • Jared

Hi @Jared. Thank you for your feedback.

I already let our engineers know regarding your feedback and they will check and fix it soon.