Editing group channels in the web console

I’m trying to edit a group channel in the web console but I’m getting this message:

“The feature is not available on your current plan. Please consult the sales team through the website or dashboard.”

I’m on the 5K starter plan. Is that error message right? It’s a pain to have to do everything via API call right now. Since I can manage open channels in the web console I’m not sure why I wouldn’t be able to manage group channels.

Can you expand on specifically what you’re trying to edit?

Hi Tyler, thank you for getting back to me. On the open channels list page I used to be able to add channels and click on the channel ID to view and edit members and chat history. I don’t seem to be able to do that on the group channels list page and I’m now getting the same error message about it not being part of my plan when I click on open channel ids.

Just to validate, under the overview section of your dashboard, does the correct Plan appear on the right side under subscription?

If it does, you may want to reach out to the sales team to check.

Sorry I can’t be of more help.

Thank you. I see the correct plan in the overview section.

I was also unable to submit support requests when I initially tried (which is why I’m on here, instead). What’s the best method for reaching out to the sales team?

@aas395 You’d want to reach out to sales@sendbird.com

Thank you for your help!