Can't get typing indicators despite correct delegate methods

Essentially, we’re using the delegate outlined in the docs for the Sendbird iOS SDK to for the typing indicator. Unfortunately, using that delegate does not seem to be updating the view when a user is typing.

Let me know- thank you!

Hello @brandon,

Did you call startTyping method when a user is typing?

Yes we are doing that already. Let me know!

I don’t understand what not updating view means. Do you mean that the delegate is not invoked even though the opponent calls startTyping method?

We’re doing what the SDK spells out, we have utilized all the code and all the delegation and even re wrote it and it is not being triggered. We don’t know if the users are being created with all the correct attributes since there isn’t an official library. Let us know thank you!

I don’t think how the users were created doesn’t affect your issue. The user object doesn’t have any attributes related to the typing indicator. You should check whether you implemented addChannelDelegate:identifier: method.

Sorry for the delay- yes that method is implemented. What else can we try?

Could you share your codes for updating view to show the typing indicator and calling startTyping method?

Hey Jed,

Wanted to let you know I am working on this and I will get this to you as soon as possible. Thanks!


Hey Jed here is a link to the Sendbird code

Thanks for the link. Unfortunately, I can’t find something wrong with your code. Have you ever tried to run the sample project?