ChannelList component does not allow hiding the "new channel" icon

I want to hide the header of the ChannelList component completely.

The ChannelList component has a renderHeader render prop. That prop has no effect on the new channel button. I have set that prop to () => null and it hides most of the header, but the space and the new channel button are still there.

I believe this is the code in question. The button is always shown.

There needs to be some way to control this, perhaps a new prop. I personally would consider this part of the “header”, and rendering my own header should hide the button as well.

Hi @Jared ,

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Current UIKit V2 does not allow customizing the header of the ChannelList component that is a single UI component unless modifying the open source code.
However, we will release a new Sendbird UIKit V3 which has an enhanced modularization component in June 2022. You will make use of customizeing the header of the ChannelList easily.

This is a disappointing limitation. Is there any chance of a change to v2? I would consider this a bug. Not all users of this SDK will have business logic where this button makes sense. Thus, I can’t really make use of this component as it is. My options are: