Override the "Invite Users" button in the ChannelSettings window


I would like to override or replace the “invite users” button in the channel settings window. I don’t see anything about this in the documentation but I do see a a prop called overrideInviteUser in the code base in the ChannelSettingsProviderInterface. Is there a way to override the functionality of this button or replace it with another button without having to build a custom component ui? Maybe similar to the way the renderIconButton prop works in the ChannelListHeader works? Thanks!

export interface ChannelSettingsProviderInterface {
    channelUrl: string;
    onCloseClick?(): void;
    overrideInviteUser?(params: OverrideInviteMemberType): void;
    onChannelModified?(channel: GroupChannel): void;
    onBeforeUpdateChannel?(currentTitle: string, currentImg: File, data: string): GroupChannelUpdateParams;
    queries?: ChannelSettingsQueries;
    forceUpdateUI(): void;
    channel: GroupChannel;
    invalidChannel: boolean;

[UIKit Version]
@sendbird/uikit-react”: “^3.2.6”

Hi @Alex_Maldonado.
Unfortunately, We are not providing renderer props for the button, you need to make the custom component

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