Channels for workspace

is there any way to categories the channels…I wanted to create channels for different workspaces…
Example: I have 2 workspaces for my team, in each workspace I should able to set up different channels.

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If you have:

  • Workspace 1

    • Group channel 1
    • Group channel 2
  • Workspace 2

    • Group channel 1
    • Group channel 2

You can create relationships like user > workspace and/or channel > workspace

For users and channels, you have metadata (a key:value pair)

Channels Metadata:

For group channels, I can also think of CUSTOM_TYPE when creating a group channel:

It’s important to check what filters are available for future search.

You can filter channels by custom type (which can be your workspace):

You have many more filters (channel url, name) that may help on finding channels according to what you use to create a relationship with your Workspace.

I can think of your app getting all user’s channels for a Workspace, so you can accomplish that with the filter above.

If you want to list all users from a Workspace, you can filter them by Metadata:

I understood your solution, and i have implimented for the users…but i couldnt find a place where i can set the param for channels while channel creation…can u please guide me in which class i can handle the param for channels in ‘custom-uikit-sample’

No option for adding metadata when creating a group channel. You need to add it once created.

You can add data (which is a string value but you can send JSON data converted to string and convert back to JSON when reading)

For the UIKit, you can see and even clone the source code here:

And check this file where the channel list query is defined: