Complex Channel List Query

I’m trying to create a complex channel list query and I can’t think how to do it. The structure of my app is very similar to Slack with workspaces that contain channels. The navigation hierarchy is as follows: Workspaces -> Channels -> Channel

Going from the bottom up:

  1. the Channel screen lists all messages in a channel in chronological order - easy.

  2. the Channels screen lists all channels in a workspace in latest last message order - again easy.

  3. the Workspaces screen lists all Workspaces for a user in latest last message order - unclear.

How would I go about creating a channel list query for the Workspaces screen that returned the channel with the latest last message in each workspace so that I can order the workspaces in latest last message order?

Hope I’ve explained that clearly enough. Thanks in advance.

Hi @andrew804 As I understood, that your Workspace is the app in Sendbird, right? And, workspace user is admin in the third list item. You want to the latest last message order for admin user, right?