Chat push-notification is using legacy api from FCM which is marked as deprecated by Google


We are using Sendbird Chat push-notification feature and we have struggled a bit with FCM activation (firebase push notification delivery) since it tooks us time to realize that Sendbird is requesting an api key from the legacy configuration in FCM.

The feature is working, but we are super worried about the fact that this legacy method is marked as deprecated with a migration deadline.

Per Firebase documentation:

If you are an existing user of the legacy HTTP or XMPP APIs (deprecated on 6/20/2023), you must migrate to the latest Firebase Cloud Messaging API (HTTP v1) by 6/20/2024

Does Sendbird is working to support the new standard method with the latest messaging api? What is the timeline about this please?


Hi @JeffEP

Welcome to the Sendbird Community! We completely understand your concerns.

Our engineering team is working on the deprecated FCM API and we have a plan to announce the migration guide, SDK, and Dashboard in early 2024.

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Hi @Miyoung_Han , I saw your answer and it was perfect thanks, but I also see that, well, its already announced and ready in production (this week), great! :slight_smile:

Good job to you and the team, pass the word, Sendbird rock! :pray: