Sendbird Flutter SDK Push notification support

Hello Team Sendbird,
I have a query for Sendbird Flutter SDK regarding Push Notification. As per the documentation for push notification, iOS and Android SDK guidelines says that we need to implement Sendbird SDK v4 rather than v3. I want to know if that is the case with Flutter also?
Although I couldn’t find any Sendbird v4 SDK in Flutter that concludes (according to my understanding) that we will have Sendbird Push Notification support in v3 in Flutter. Still I want to confirm from the Sendbird Team itself. If there is a requirement for v4 in Flutter also, where can I get the SDK?
And is there seems any requirement or functionality catch that we should take care while implementing Sendbird Push Notification in Flutter project?

Looking forward for your reply.

Hello @rajveer, and welcome to the Sendbird Community!

The current version of the Sendbird Chat Flutter is SDK v3. We have not released v4. There is no requirement for v4 with the Flutter SDK at this time.

The most important thing is to register an FCM server key and APNS certificate in your Dashboard if you are deploying for both Android and iOS devices.
Even though our docs use the FCM notifications dependency, the Sendbird server uses the client device OS to determine which push notification service to use. iOS devices will always use APNS, and Android devices will always use FCM when utilizing the Sendbird Chat push notification feature.