Chat won’t refresh after applying messageTypeFilters

I’ve implemented a feature where user can filter with tabs what type of messages they want to see (all messages, only text messages, only custom messages or only file messages).

I used the queries param on Channel component with messageListParams containing info on what should be filtered, something like this

               prevResultSize: 15,
               nextResultSize: 15,
               messageTypeFilter: MessageTypeFilter.FILE,

but after I’ve applied a filter I don’t see new messages appear until I refresh the app. This happens both when I have the filter applied, and also after I’ve cleared the filters.

I have a codesandbox with a sample where you can turn on a filter to only see files messages (note that this is a bug with incoming messages so you need to send messages from other account to see the bug in action).

@sendbird/uikit-react”: “3.1.1”,
“sendbird”: “3.1.8”,
“react”: “18.1.0”,

Is this a bug or did I implement a feature that Sendbird is not designed to support?