Community Chat type indicator

in the community chat, how can I identify a chat typing is happening.
My Scenario: Say I am chatting in a community channel, so the app should able to identify the chat is happening(or typing is happening) so that the system can trigger some events…how can I understand the type of events in the community chat.

Or I should able to invoke the sendMessage event.

Community chats are actually open channels. Open channels do not support typing indicators.
You can see a breakdown between the channel types here:

I agree the group chat and community chat are different…but there would be an event/action triggered/called when a person clicks on the message send button right…? can you please guide me on how to invoke that…we have a small requirement to validate the user messages before they actually publish it into the open channel…so for this purpose, we may be required to identify when the send button has been pressed…hope u got my concerns.

You would want to customize the fragment methods:

You could utilize the onBeforeSendUserMessage() method to do your check.