Concurrent Connection counts for UIKit

We are using Sendbird Chat UI (React/NextJS), as developer account, the monthly concurrent connection is 10. Based on the other topic I found in the community forum, it is the websocket connection counts (tabs/browsers/device).

Does the concurrent connection disconnect on tab close? I’ve checke the React code, it does discounnect on React unmount, but not listening to background/foreground changes as well as window close. Does Sendbird has server side timeout to check if websocket still connected?

Ive checked all our developers’ tab already closed but on the dashboard it still counts as concurrent counts.

Yes, websocket connection is disconnected on tab close.
Yes, there’s the server-side timeout using ping-pong websocket command.

And the dashboard doesn’t show CCU/PC in real-time.
You can check that with the platform API below in real-time?

Many thanks for the reply!

I think my confusion is that “peak concurrent connections” should be live concuurent websocket connections, but after closing all tabs/window, api still returning 403100 and dashboard is locked (showing peak concurrent connections limit reached).

Got confirmation from the sale team that the hard cap is only for developer/free tier accounts.