Peak concurrent connections count is wrong

My daily peak concurrent connections is 6, but my monthly peak concurrent connections is 11. Not sure what’s happening here. 6 actually seems too high as well, because I only have 2-3 tabs open at a time and I’m the only one using the sendbird functionality in my application so far.

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I had the same issue, It was only me doing some deploys over the day with sessions taking 5min on the browser, then closing it and repeating after a gap of at least 20min and I got a PCC hard limit and was blocked for my developer plan, halting my progress.
As far as I have seen it should disconnect from the UI-Kit, in my case a react application, on browser close, but it seems to be live the connections in order to reach PCC.
Something is amiss.

PCC is the number of living websocket connections at any given time. If you do not explicitly call disconnect to close the websocket on the client side, then the socket lives on our side of a period of time until the timeout occurs and the server closes the connection. You could use the window. onbeforeunload or window.onunload listeners to explicitly call disconnect when the window is being closed.

Thanks for the idea @Tyler. Can you provide an example of a working implementation? I’m having this issue with NextJS 14.