countByCustomTypes is always empty

I register a listener for when the total unread count changes. Recently we added a new channel customType and we do not want to include the unread messages from the channels with the new customType. unreadCount changes as expected, but countByCustomTypes is always {}

  const sb = Sendbird.getInstance()
  const userId = sb.currentUser.userId
  const userEventHandler = new sb.UserEventHandler()

  userEventHandler.onTotalUnreadMessageCountUpdated = (unreadCount, countByCustomTypes) => {
    console.log(unreadCount, countByCustomTypes)
    // do something with values 

  sb.addUserEventHandler(userId, userEventHandler)

Current sendbird version: sendbird@3.0.153

Hello @s.sim,

This is expected behavior. Currently, the countByCustomType requires you to connect with out Support team and provide them with a list of channel custom_types you’d like to subscribe to. They can add it to your application(s).

Ok, then I’ll have to contact Support team for this. Thank you!