SendBirdSDK crashes (when experiencing connectivity issues)

If you turn airplane mode on, then open a group chat, close it, open again, do these operation for some time, it eventually crashes with an issue identical to the one you can see on the screenshot. I’m sure if you play around with it, you’ll face the same issue. Hard to tell which steps exactly lead to this behavior, but I see this error almost each time when I’m testing failed messages with airplane mode turned on.

SendBirdSDK 3.0.195

Hi @vlad this issue will be patched this week. Sorry for your inconvenience

@vlad would you please fetch latest SendBirdSDK version v3.0.196 and see the issue is fixed? Thanks

@Woo, yes, it is, thanks!

@vlad I found another issue that may cause a crash :confused: will release the patch version soon, so please update your SDK whenever possible! thanks

@Woo okay, thanks, will do!

@vlad 3.0.197 has been released