[Crash] NSInvalidArgumentException SBDGroupChannel

We are getting crash on sendbird SDK. Attached is the stacktrace screenshot from Crashlytics

Sendbird Chat SDK iOS

Hi @Ali_Akhtar how many crash report you got on this? and can you reproduce it?

We are getting 4 crashes per hours after 2 percent rollout. Also we have high numbers of active users. We are unable to reproduce this crash

Previously I raised this ticket Crashed: EXC_BAD_ACCESS KERN_INVALID [SendBird_SRProxyConnect _openConnection] - #5 by Ali_Akhtar where we suggested to update the SDK, all the crashes we reported on previous ticket now resolved with this update but this new crash pops up

Ok its kinda adnormal thing happen on that method. I will add defensive code to prevent the crash but we need to know the root cause :frowning:

On previous version we are getting 0.066% sendbird crashes from total, Now with this new version this rate now
0.20%, What’s your suggestion?
Any scenario we need to test to reproduce this crash? Any plan for adding defensive check

I will add to prevent this issue on next patch, prolly next week. But allow me to investigate the root cause for a couple day.

sure thanks for the update

@Woo [v3.0.218] version release 2 days back , do this have prevention code

Nope I havent looked at the cause yet :frowning: but hopefully I wish I can release new version this week

@Woo did you get chance to find the possible abnormal input our app can send? which cause this issue

Unfortunately no I wasn’t able to find the root cause but defensive code has been added since 3.0.219 version.