Deleting a chat does nothing

I am experiencing a bug with UIKit SDK in iOS where I am trying to delete a channel but the channel remains after deletion. I attached a screen recording showing this bug.

It will not let me attach the screen cap because it says New Users cannot attach media. When the user hits delete, the loading indicator shows for a brief second and then hides, but the chat remains in the same place and doesn’t get removed from the list.

Hello @landonferrier

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I would like to know are you deleting the channel? Are you receiving any errors?

Which SDK version are you using?

Can you trying testing the same with the latest version 4.19.2 using our sample application: GitHub - sendbird/sendbird-chat-sdk-ios: Sendbird Chat SDK for iOS for enablement of a rich, engaging, scalable, and real-time chat service. and share your obeservations?

Hey good morning. Yes I am trying to delete the channel with the build in swipe left functionality. I am using the latest versions of the uikit sdk.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.