Message appears to get deleted right after sending it


I’m running into an issue where a chat message appears to be sent using SendBirdUIKit but never shows up in the chat. The UI indicates that the message has been sent by showing the double check marks, but when navigating back to the ChannelListVC and then re-entering the chat the message is missing. Additionally, when I send a message as an admin using the Sendbird Dashboard it does not get added to the chat. Essentially, it seems like all messages fail to send or are deleted right after sending.

I’m using SendBirdUIKit version 2.0.9.

I’m also subclassing DLChannelListViewController and DLChannelViewController but I don’t think that’s the issue because as I said, messages sent as an admin through the Sendbird Dashboard on web also fail.

Thank you!

Hey @tvon,

Are you utilizing the UIKit for JavaScript, iOS or Android? I’ll have some follow up questions from there.


Using UIKit for iOS only

Thanks for that!

Could you DM me your APP_ID and a secondary API token that I can use while troubleshooting? Please use a secondary token so it can be revoked once we resolve this.

Since you mentioned that chats from the dashboard are also failing, we’ll start with our side.


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This was caused by the is_ephemeral flag being set to true on the channels being created in the application. This is false by default, and will need to be updated in the channel creation method.