Deprecation of `session_tokens` in the `User` resource

As mentioned here → User | Chat Platform API | Sendbird Docs
The session_tokens field has been deprecated and moved to a separate endpoint.

We have an existing Sendbird Application that uses this data but the data (value of sessions_tokens) seems to be not returned intermittently for some changes.
Does Sendbird introduce breaking changes like this into the API without warning or giving us time to migrate to the newer method of fetching the tokens?
How do we track these changes as Sendbird releasaes them?
There seems to be no API versioning, i.e. an option for us to lock-in a specific version of the API and continue using it, not bringing in new changes that could potentially break our integration.

Hi @Kahlil_Abreu,

Welcome to the Sendbird community. The way is was rolled out was designed not to impact those who may still be using the legacy token design. New applications by default are set to use the new token style but applications that were created before the new style was rolled out still use the legacy implementation.

That being said, if you’re having problems with it, please open a case with our Support team for further investigation.

Thanks @Tyler
This application was created within the past 2 weeks or so, so I would expect that it’s probably affected by the deprecation. However, I would expect consistent behaviour, i.e. either the session_tokens field is never populated or it is always populated.

Thanks for nudging me in the right direction. I’ve created a support ticket via my Sendbird Dashboard.

Regarding the issue of keeping myself (and other teams at our company) informed about potentially breaking Sendbird API changes, is there any recommended way to do that?