Desk Suddenly Not Activated & Functional ‼️

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We have suddenly lost all access to Sendbird Desk. This product is our central source of customer support ticket handling. Now we have zero visibility on support tickets, no access at all and asking us to activate the product as if we are first time users. We have been using Sendbird Desk since May 2021. We have a global user base who submit tickets via Senbird Chat and we handle the tickets via Sendbird Desk. The Chat product is working and accessible to users via our mobile app, meaning they are able and have likely submitted support tickets over the weekend. However upon start of business today, Sendbird Desk appears to be deactivated and non-accessible to our organisation.

There has been zero change to our API that would have affected this. There has been no communication from Sendbird of any required upcoming changes, and our account is paid in full and is not unpaid.

This can has a catastrophic effect on our business if this is not resolved.

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Hi @Ben_Powell,

Welcome to the Sendbird Community. I took a look at your account and I don’t see any issues with Desk. Additionally, we’ve not had any reports from our Engineering team regarding Desk.

I would like to comment that moving forward, I would highly recommend using the support portal in the Dashboard when reporting issues of this nature.


Hi @Tyler Thanks for returning on this. We fixed the issue by hitting the big “Activate” button on the Desk feature. It was like as if it had never been activated, despite using the product for over a year.

Regarding the support portal, I think this is not the first time we use this feature and we get no response or acknowledgement from it. I used this feature as the first method to raise a ticket.