Does new Local Caching support features SyncManager didn't?

We have been using SyncManager for iOS, and planning to migrate to Local Caching as Sendbird strongly encourages to use that.

My question is does LocalCaching support any of the below features?

  • Message Threading
  • File Message Caching
  • SuperGroup Channels Caching

@Sunil_Chauhan Hi

The above question is common, so any platform would be OK

LocalCaching supports the features like this:

  • Message Threading: depends on MessageListParams

    • MessageListParams.replyType = NONE(default): not cached because thread messages don’t be included in the fetched message list
    • MessageListParams.replyType = REPLY_TO_CHANNEL: thread messages which have been sent with reply_to_channel=true are cached along with normal messages
    • MessageListParams.replyType = ALL: All thread messages are cached along with normal messages
  • File Message Caching: supported

  • SuperGroup Channels Caching: supported

    • MyGroupChannelListQuery’s channelListQuery.superChannelFilter = .all
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Thank you @Yongjun_Choi for clarifying this.