SendBird users sync

Is there a way for storage for SenBird users such that under a given application ID, we can sync all users of that application and don’t need to do a page wise fetch for users ? I am not using SyncManager. With the users synced to local storage, one can generate chat message while offline. Can anyone tell if there is a way to do it in SendBird chat SDK for iOS ?


Thank you for your post.

If the question is whether you’re able to sync all users of the application locally on device, then we don’t have a way to sync the users locally currently. However, it is something that maybe coming in future updates to allow for users to sync locally as contacts.

In the meantime, please review our local caching for iOS:

Local caching enables Sendbird Chat SDK for iOS to locally cache and retrieve group channel and message data. Its benefits include reducing refresh time and allowing a client app to create a channel list or a chat view that can work online as well as offline, which can be used for offline messaging.