Does SendBirdCalls support static framework?

Hello SendBird team,

Can you support static xcframework for SendBirdCalls?

Basically our apps has many dynamic frameworks, and adding SendBirdCalls SDK (new dynamic framework) is actually slowing our launch time.


Hi @Albert_Januar

We do support XCFrameworks now, and actually it’s our default method of distributing our frameworks. However, it’s a dynamic framework, and we do not support static frameworks.

Is it possible to know how much the launch time got slower after adding our calls SDK into your project? That could give us more insight about the severity of this problem.

Hi @walter.rodriguez ,

Based on our data from App Store Connect, our launch time is increasing by 0.1s - 0.5s after integrating SendBirdCalls SDK.

Thanks @Albert_Januar - Checking internally now.

Can you please DM me your Sendbird application ID please?

It will be very great if you support static framework, especially for those who has a big application size (super app).
E-commerce apps tends to have big size though.

is there any update @walter.rodriguez?

no support or updates? :frowning: