SendBird WebRTC Library increases the app size in iOS

I’ve integrated the SendBirdWebRTC for using the SendBird Calling feature using Cocoapods in iOS. The SendBirdWebRTC framework takes around 1.2 GB of disk space, and it has increased tremendous amount of app size (i.e. double of the actual app size) after the integration. Can you please let me know how to reduce the app size? Or is there any way to compress that framework?

Hi @Mansi_Joshi,

The size of SendBird WebRTC library is large because it is a bitcode-enabled fat framework with multiple architectures included. When the app is later installed from the AppStore, it will actually be much smaller than the original framework size. This is because using bitcode allows the app to only install necessary files specific for the device’s architecture.

For more information about the framework’s size and reducing its size by removing architectures, please take a look at our documentation.


Okay, got it. Thank you very much for the quick reply.