Download Sendbird Data

We’re leaving Sendbird at the end of the month and would like a copy of all of the conversations our users have had on the platform. How do I download this?

Hi @James_Wright and welcome to the Sendbird Community!

You can do this with the Data Privacy API.
Firstly you need to register a GDPR request with the action parameter set to ‘access’.
After the request has been processed (time depends on the amount of data - this is a relatively slow process in our servers) you can list the updated request and check for any zip folder urls.

Here are some Node.js scripts that can automate the access registration for all users in an Application and export CSV and JSON files with all GDPR requests.

Can this be done through the website, rather than development?

Right now it’s available from Platform API only.

Ok, do you have a GDPR email I can email, please? I want to make a data request